Logging on

How We Got Here

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve left a hefty trail of broken links, abandoned blogs, and just generally not followed through on my previous web projects. I’ll take partial responsibility for this, because I was the one who had the idea, started it, maybe even posted once or twice, and then just let it go.

But I’m also a survivor of the everyone’s a guru, hustle harder, Gary V creative entrepreneur online community. Which is overwhelming, a waste of resources, and generally just gave me a lot of anxiety. To the point of burnout, which led me to avoid creativity and being a part of the online world. Which then led me to depression. And now we’re here.

Where We’re Going

I’m 25 years old, and have now spent more years on the internet than I had a life before it. Recently I’ve made many changes in my life, in an effort to open up myself and have time for the things I want to do. I’m working part-time, I’m going to school part-time, and I’m bored part-time.

My weekly schedule has me focusing on class and going to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then, Thursday and Friday I occasionally take substitute teaching positions, but more often than not I am “free” or “off” Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And I would like a little more to show for all this time off. I’ve got enough backlogged content that I’ve cushioned myself with a post every other week for the foreseeable future with something I’ve created in the past.

Or maybe this will be another fossil on the internet, an imprint of where an idea was once had.

Hopefully not.

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