Cooking Items From My Camping Box

What’s In My Camping Box

Camping was always a go to vacation for my mother and I when I was growing up. Homochitto National Forest was an hour and a half drive away from where I grew up, which meant we could leave after school on Friday and get to Clearsprings Campground before dark. Camping was where I was allowed to explore the woods, get wet in a creek, and cook over a fire.

But before you have fun, you have to be prepared. And for me, a Virgo Sun, Leo Moon, Capricorn Rising, that means being prepared AT ALL TIMES for a camping trip. Over the years I’ve accumulated the following in a simple plastic box I kept in the bottom of my closets until I moved into a house with a garage area.

  1. Coleman camp stove – bought from craigslist for $10 in 2015, still in great shape
  2. Propane 
  3. Basic kitchen supplies
    1. Cutting board
    2. Knife (they are all dull)
    3. Grill size cooking spoon, spatula and tongs
    4. Small skillet
    5. Kettle (bought from thrift store)
    6. Metal bowls (also thrifted)
    7. Coleman plastic 2 person dining set which has 
    8. Mardi gras cups from years past
    9. Aluminium foil
  4. Basic cooking ingredients
    1. Olive oil
    2. Salt
    3. Pepper
    4. Tony cacheres
    5. Red pepper flakes
    6. Cumin
    7. Cayenne pepper
    8. Sugar
  5. Trashbags, paper towels, and a couple of plastic walmart bags
  6. Duct tape and string
  7. Toilet paper and tampons
  8. Extension cord
  9. Flashlight and headlamp

Inspired by my mother – we went camping often when I was younger. She had 2 boxes, 1 which kept the tent, air mattress and air mattress pump and the other which had similar supplies as me. The tent/bed box was empty during our trips so we could keep food in it. My food box lid fell off the box on the way back from Colorado a few years ago and I never replaced it. Now I keep food in an ice chest in the car & keep small snacks in a little plastic shoebox in the tent. 

I started my own box when my mother banned me from borrowing hers (I was 19, it was my first roadtrip, and I returned it in less than organized condition). Now I realize how hard it is to keep the box organized and clean. Sometimes you’re packing up camp in a hurry to beat weather, or you’re just exhausted and have to be out of the site by 10am or you’ll be charged for another night. I keep my camping box in mind when I get the urge to clean or organize my home. 

This box has been super helpful, not just when I go camping. It’s good to have on hand if there’s severe weather (hurricane season), to bring on a beach trip (covers all the essentials), or if my friend shows up at my door and says “hey do you want to go to _insert place over 18 hours drive away_, we could leave right now?”

That last one doesn’t happen as often as it did when I was 19-22. But during those 3 years it really saved my butt. 

Stay tuned for my “what I pack when I go camping” post that I’m sure is coming…some day. 

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