Homework: Introducing Myself to My Psych 101 Class

This was originally posted as an “Introduce Yourself” discussion forum post (which we all love, look forward to, and feel 100% comfortable with – ha) for the first class I took after going back to college. Posted to Canvas for Delgado Community College on December 15, 2019.

My name is Jana and I am returning back to school after taking 3 years off to work and travel. I completed 4 years of school at LSU in the Communication Studies program and am considered a Junior at that university. 

I have been working in digital marketing since 2013, with my most recent position being marketing director for a small personal injury law firm in the CBD. However, to transition back to school I am in the process of becoming a substitute teacher in New Orleans. I am located in New Orleans, which is why I chose Delgado as my “transition school” before I go back to LSU for my final 30 hours. 

I enrolled in this course partially because I was excited about going back in the Spring so I wanted to get started now and also because I’d dropped the related course at LSU and knew I needed to take it. I’ve been a longterm advocate of mental health, particularly how stress affects us, so I am very interested in learning more about all of the factors that play into my own (and others) behavior. 

During my 3 year “gap year” experience since leaving LSU, I made two promises to myself: that I would take any and all travel opportunities that came my away (which lead me to Scotland, Ireland and South Korea, as well as all over the contiguous US) and that I would try to do or make one thing that was creatively fulfilling each day. I probably scored about an 80% on both of those promises. 

My favorite website is Instagram. I’ve done a LOT of social media management work in my 6 years working in digital marketing, and I’ve found it to be the only social media site that I like personally even though I “have to use it” for work. I love sharing what I’m doing, finding inspiration for travel plans or creative projects. I also use it to keep in touch with friends I’ve made while traveling. 

Me, in Dublin, about to eat the best beef stew I’d ever had.

In the photo I’ve included, you can see me in Dublin, Ireland. I found an old shoe factory that was renovated to be a restaurant/pub.  They had the best beef stew I’d ever eaten, and on top of mashed potatoes at that. 

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