Archive: 4 Reasons Your Why Your Social Media Strategy is Failing

The most popular social media platforms sort content with an algorithm which determines what content the consumer would want to see. Because of this a social media strategist’s job is to follow the best-practices and use tools to get your content seen. 

You haven’t given your strategy enough time to work. 

The most important element of a social media strategy is time. Because of this, we sign on new clients for 3 months. This gives us enough time to see our initial strategy through, and makes sure that you get what you are paying for.

Just like with traditional marketing, social media is one part of the customer journey. If you signed up for a Facebook business page yesterday, chances are you won’t get a new customer for weeks, if not months. 

You are expecting results your current strategy cannot achieve.

However, there are numerous factors which lead to your social media strategy failing. Each business is unique in the problem it solves, the consumers it is targeting and the resources it has to get messages in front of consumers. 

You are doing things on your company’s accounts which are punishing your account.

There are also ways your activity on social media can negatively affect the effectiveness of your strategy. In fact, these are such a problem with small business owners who aren’t social media savvy that we include them as a disclaimer in our contract.

These behaviors include:

  1. Spammy behavior, such as following or liking too many posts in a short amount of time. 
  2. Deviating from normal posting schedules or posting multiple times in a short timespan. 
  3. Including certain phrases or hashtags in your posts which are used to filter out spam accounts.
  4. Giving 3rd party accounts access to your account for auto-posting, follow/unfollow, or other services.

You are not following through with the “social” aspect of social media. 

Social media is a two way street between brand and consumer. Because of this, you need to be focusing on engaging not only with those who comment on or share your posts, but also engaging with other people’s content. You’re trying to build a network of people who connect with your business. That involves more work than simply scheduling a week’s worth of content. 

It’s important to audit your social media strategy as you execute it. There’s no one right way to find success on social media for small businesses. The goal is to find what works not only for your business, but for you as a business owner. 

This was originally written for Let’s Talk Nola, LLC’s website, which sadly no longer exists (since the intentional dissolution of the company in 2018).

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