Dear Diary, The Future Freaks Me Out

“But I guess I could just curl up in a ball and think.”

I don’t have a clear idea of what I want to do professionally anymore. After six years, I’m not really seeing social media strategy or content creation in the same light. It’s not you, it’s me. I am tired of selling things and telling stories to sell services. I have reached the natural end of interest in social media management.

So what next? I can’t exactly quit my current social media gig – I’m an administrative assistant for a local dance school. Once the pandemic hit, I took a pay cut because of the circumstances and now I run our Facebook and Instagram accounts 3 days a week.

I’m in school right now for communication studies. My previous classes focused on performance art, rhetoric, interpersonal communication — not the kind of thing that gets you a job right after graduation. I’m taking some digital content courses (graphic design and this summer, a photography class). But art + design don’t come easily to me.

I’d like to be doing something that feels natural. In the creative world, I’ve considered project management. Instead of being the person posting, I could direct strategic communications. I would need to do some post-grad certification or go to graduate school for that. Every time I think about doing that, I picture myself filling out that SWOT chart every workday and I cringe.

Disaster management is another career that has long interested me. Having lived through 9/11, Hurricane Katrina (and other storms that weren’t as historic), and a global pandemic, it seems a worthwhile career. It would be a service position, that I could possibly skew toward creative work by working in information sharing and communications. But oh boy, what a load to take on.

Now that I’ve been back in school for 6 months and reaccepted into university, I have 3 semesters to figure out a “next step.” I’m sure of one thing though, I don’t want to be in administrative work. I’d like to make things that are useful.

Where is the practical applications of content creation career track webinar? Please DM me with the link.

One thought on “Dear Diary, The Future Freaks Me Out

  1. Disaster management seems to be an interesting area to venture in but you need to be ready to handle the stress and tight schedules especially when it impacts others


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